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The second wave of COVID is hitting the Nilgiris hard and it appears that the second wave will see more patients than the first. Two floors of the hospital have been identified as an isolation center and we have started admitting patients in 25 beds. In KMF we are also testing patients on a daily basis - both in-patients, and out-patients and providing vaccination.

Inpatient care: Currently 50% of hospital (25 beds) have been separated as Isolation wards, Level 1 and Level 2 care with almost 95% occupancy on average. The two ICU beds used for COVID has seen some sick patients in the severe category who were treated with non-invasive ventilation support.  

Outpatient care: A separate fever clinic is used to see out-patients with symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections and triaging of all patients is done at the entrance of the hospital. 

Training: Staff have been given training on COVID over multiple sessions which included classes for nurses, cleaning staff, office staff etc. Critical care training in COVID was given to the doctors through Dept. Of Distance Education at CMC Vellore, one of the largest COVID centres in India. Continuous training goes on with webinars from CMC Vellore, CMAI, Government of Tamilnadu and other sources.

Vaccination: KMF Hospital is one of the vaccine providers in the Nilgiris, and 500+ members of the public have been vaccinated to date.

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