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Heart-attack and stroke Thrombolysis

Heart-attack and stroke Thrombolysis

Thrombolysis (Clot-busting injection) for heart-attack and stroke is an essential service that has to be given within 4 hours. The medical team of physicians, neurosurgeon and nurses backed by a quality-assured laboratory and ICU provide this urgent care.


Heart attack

This life-threatening condition which happens due to a block in the arteries supplying blood to the heart can occur any time and presents with severe chest pain, breathlessness, sweating and arm pain. Thrombolysis has to be given within the first 4 hours of a heart attack. The ‘clot-busting’ injection dissolves the clot and restores crucial blood supply to the heart. Thrombolysis therapy is done in KMF and those who benefit from this can then be sent to a higher center for angiogram and further management.



Just like a heart-attack, stroke is a condition where there is a block to the blood vessels supplying the brain and usually presents with weakness of the arm and leg one side, difficulty speaking and facial deviation. In selected patients, thrombolysis treatment is beneficial and has to be given within the first 4 hours to restore the blood supply. This is followed by intensive physiotherapy and supportive management.

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