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Laboratory (24x7)

The KMF Laboratory is a well-equipped center with high-tech diagnostic facilities that cover biochemistry, hematology and microbiology. The laboratory goes through regular, periodic quality assurance (EQAS) with Christian Medical College, Vellore for Biochemistry and with AIIMS, New Delhi for hematology. 


The laboratory facility is available round the clock. 

  • Haematology – Blood counts and other related tests are done with a 6-part fully automatic analyser

  • Biochemistry – Thyroid, Cholesterol, Kidney and liver tests and a whole range of other biochemisty assays through a fully automated dry chemistry machine and other semi-automated machines. 

  • Microbiology – Blood and urine cultures, ELISA

Dr. Ancy Abraham, DCP, MD oversees the running of the laboratory. 

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