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Full-time Orthopedic services including inpatient, outpatient and 24x7 emergency services are available. Management of emergencies like injuries and road traffic accidents, including x-ray and CT scan are done at any time of the day or night. KMF has a well-equipped orthopaedic surgery theatre with C-arm, fluoroscopy etc. 


Outpatient services

Regular Orthopaedic consultation – Dr. Kamalakar K., DNB. (Orthopedics), D. Orth, Fellowship in Rehabilitation

Emergency services – 24X7 (fractures, injuries)

Digital x-ray, fluoroscopy, CT scan

Management of fractures – reduction and Plaster cast/splinting, Reduction of small and large joint dislocation

Management of injuries and suturing

Club foot (CTEV) correction and management

Drainage of effusion in joints, Incision and drainage

Tennis elbow, Achilles Tendonitis management, Joint injection


In-patient services

General and private rooms

Surgery for fractures, hemiarthroplasty

C-arm and portable x-ray


Community outreach

Home visit for chronic orthopaedic problems, dressings

Dr. Kamalakar K., DNB. (Orthopedics),
D. Orth, Fellowship in Rehabilitation

Regular Orthopaedic consultation

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