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The Ophthalmology department of KMF has regular outpatient and in-patient services. Outpatient services include optometry (vision testing), consultation with the ophthalmologist, field testing and anterior chamber laser. Eye surgeries for cataract and other eye illnesses are done on a regular basis. The Eye team also reaches out to the community in the Nilgiris through village camps twice every month, providing free cataract surgery for the financially constrained.

Outpatient services

Regular Ophthalmology consultation – Dr. Jane C. Joy, MS. (Ophthalmology)

Optometry (Vision testing, Glass power testing, ordering and fitting of glasses)

Outpatient procedures - Removal of foreign body in eye, eye wash, curettage etc.

Optical shop – Fitting and

Field testing (Digital Humphrey’s field charting)

Anterior chamber Laser


In-patient services

General and private rooms

Cataract surgery (Laser and small incision surgery)

Pterygium surgery


Community outreach

Eye camps in villages twice a month with free cataract surgery. This is linked to the DBCS scheme of the government.

Dr. Jane C. Joy, MS.

Regular Ophthalmology consultation

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